Cheese Chips

Cheese Chips

Ultra simple to make cheese chips that are even better than the real thing (even non-ketoers LOVE these).


  • Prep time: ~30s - 2min
  • Cook time: ~2mins - 3mins
  • Post-cook time: ~30s
  • Eating time: ~5mins


  • A good melting cheese of your liking
    • [I think] "low-fat" cheeses work better for this
    • Cheddar and mozzarella make excellent choices for this (mozzarella will brown / burn a bit, but is still tasty!)
  • [Optional] popcorn seasoning


  • A microwave (the more powerful the better)
  • A knife & cutting board or a cheese grater (cheese grater is easier) (use bigger holes rather than smaller ones)
  • Parchment paper


  1. Rip off a section of parchment paper that will fit in the microwave and still be able to turn
  2. Depending on whether you have a knife or a cheese grater
    • Knife: cut very thin (almost as thin as you can) slices of your cheese, and place them in a single layer covering the entirety of the parchment paper
    • Cheese grater: grate enough cheese to just cover the entire parchment paper sheet (you should be able to see the paper beneath it, but not have any glaring holes)
  3. Put the parchment paper with cheese on it in your microwave
  4. Set the microwave power level to the highest possible setting
  5. Turn the microwave on for 2mins, and watch it
  6. When it gets to 2mins, if the cheese is still bubbling / rising, add an extra minute or two
  7. Stop the microwave when you can see the grease glistening but the cheese is no longer moving / bubbling
  8. Open the microwave and if you can manage it, remove the parchment paper & cheese
  9. If you have popcorn seasoning, toss it on there now (if you put it on the cheese before the microwave, it doesn't work as well)
  10. Let cool - the cooler it gets, the crispier the chips become
  11. Either break the sheet of crispy cheese into manageable chunks or break out a knife and cut it into squares or whatnot
  12. EAT!
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